Earth & Substrates


The biggest difference between each breeding substrates is the possibility of a nutrient medium such as soil or coco, errors in fertilization or in the water balance and, for example in over-supply of nutrients to temporarily store this and thus to protect the plants. The same also applies for incorrect pH values ??and similar adverse conditions could cause harm to the plants. The buffer effect is on earth and Cocos very high, in hydroponic systems, but almost non-existent.

For this reason, we recommend beginners crops grown on soil or coconut, as these culture media are fault tolerant.   Please note that the delivery of substrate bags because of the high weight's very expensive. In Cocossubstrat we also dehydrated coconut blocks of 5 Kg, they can be soaked for 18 liters of water with. A block is about 60 liters of coconut substrate.

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