SmartPots & Pots


In the pots we have two different types. First, the traditional plastic pots. Their advantage is the low acquisition price, long life and low weight. SmartPot called our favorite for most crops. The SmartPot consists of a plastic made of polypropylene. This approach offers several advantages. Plants can be placed directly into larger SmartPots, repotting is not necessary anymore. The temperature compensation is improved. Thanks to the additional oxygen soil bacteria are more active. We recommend SmartPot for use in tidal systems and native plants.

SmartPot Spannabis won the 2011 award for the best "new product 2011"! In combination with the SmatPots Garlandwannen can also be used as beds (eg SmartPot # 100, fits perfectly in a 371 liters tank 100x100 cm of Garland. Since SmartPots "breathing pots", they dry faster than regular plastic pots. For hand watering is recommended that the transition to greater SmartPots to irrigation intervals do not have to be increased.  

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