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SmartPot # 4, 15 liters

0.10 kg
8.06 €
SmartPot # 4, 15 liters

Contents: 15 liters (4 gallons), diameter 28 cm

The SmartPot is a breathing pot made of porous material with a special high-cap effect, which regulates the water balance in the pot much better.

The advantages of SmartPot are:

  • Breathing roots (Air Pruning)
  • SmartPot are made of durable, polypropylene material of the best quality.
  • Its characteristics make the SmartPot the ideal pot for mother plants.
  • The finely branched root in the SmartPot works much more efficiently and gives the plant the opportunity to maximize water and nutrient uptake.

Temperature Management:

  • Too high or too low temperatures at the root damage them!
  • The SmartPot is able to regulate the temperature of the earth.
  • The SmartPot is suitable for various crops such as herbs / vegetables / fruits, flowering plants
  • Whether with soil or in hydroponic systems.
  • With a SmartPot, you give your plant everything it needs: space to grow, oxygen to breathe, an optimal climate for maximum yield.