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Tobacco Seeds Perozon Bel W3

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Tobacco Seeds Perozon Bel W3

About 200 tobacco seeds high seed breeding, not suitable as smoking tobacco.

Ozone-sensitive tobacco variety to the display of ozone exposure: At high ozone concentrations white dots are formed on the upper tobacco leaves. The higher the ozone levels, are more blotchy leaves. At normal loads of less than 80 micrograms of ozone per cubic meter of air, there are no changes. During the hot summer months of 2003 were achieved in Germany often more than 200 micrograms. The VDI guideline value for emissions limit is 120 micrograms.

High ozone concentrations lead to mucous membrane irritation such as burning eyes and impaired respiratory functions. Asthma patients should be particularly careful. The ozone exposure also attacks the immune system. These tobacco plants in the garden within a few hours you will receive an alert message.

This type of tobacco is now in the VDI guideline 3957 6:00 planted for biomonitoring of pollutants as ozone indicators. At low loads, the necrosis can be reformed, consistent high ozone concentrations lead to permanent and flat white patches.

Detailed information:

This since the 1950s, continually evolving culture has the property of the ozone in the vicinity of the highly reactive hydrogen peroxide to convert. If the ozone concentration drops again after several hours of exposure to a normal value, no changes are visible. Does the burden, however, formed tissue alterations (necrosis), which are visible as white spots especially on the veins.

Not suitable as tobacco smoke.

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