Circulating fans

Circulating air fans are used throughout the room / tent to circulate the air.

Stagnant air between the plants is one of the reasons for fungus!

With CO 2 angreicherte air and the heat of the bulb should be distributed regularly.

When all the leaves is sufficient only slight movement in this rule.

Plants in the vicinity of air circulation fans have burns on the leaves, it could act to wind damage should. this case the wind speed of the fan cut in (shift down or greater distance from the plants).

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Small, quiet and energy-saving fan air fan with clip support. more
23.75 €
Hortiline Clip Fan 15 cm
Adjustable angle of inclination more
27.55 €
Hortiline Clip Fan 20cm
Protection grille 40 cm diameter Strong aerodynamic fan more
36.95 €
Fanline Stand Ventilator 40 cm
30 cm blade oscillation - rotating air more
37.05 €
Fanline Box Fan 30cm
Ralight Bodenventilator 30 more
75.05 €
Ralight Floor Ventilator 30 cm
Diameter 45cm Power from 75 to 130 Watt more
122.21 €
Ralight Wall Fan 45 cm
Ralight Bodenventilator 45 more
122.55 €
Ralight Floor Ventilator 45 cm
Ralight Bodenventilator 50 more
132.05 €
Ralight Floor Ventilator 50 cm
Diameter 45cm Power from 75W to 130W Speed more
141.16 €
Ralight Stand Ventilator 40 cm
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